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Winter Wonderland


My big question when it gets cold outside: What to wear?! I  was curious what other women wear in winter and if that would also work for me. So I decided to invite some girls for a switcheroo morning. It

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I’m going on cycling holiday and taking with me…


We are going on cycling holiday and I’ve been thinking a lot on what to bring… We will be camping and probably get some rainy days too. I always try everything on to make up my mind and decided to

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24 ways to wear my new sweater


Just after I photographed my spring capsule wardrobe I went to a clothes swap party. There I fell in love… with this fluffy sweater 😀 I decided to challenge myself and see if I could combine it 24 times… and

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Chantal’s spring capsule


TADÁÁÁ! This is me in my 36 different items! From now on I’ll be telling you all about my colorful wardrobe. Inspired by Laura from Laura en James I decided to join Project 333 from January 2016. Project 333 is a challenge where

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Cora’s green wardrobe


This is my aunt Cora Eshuis! Everything she is wearing on the pictures she made herself!! I think she’s amazing and love her colorful authentic style! Soon you can read the interview here

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Fenny’s green wardrobe


In 2008 Fenny Faber (1985) founded her own fashion label that runs under her name. FENNY FABER collections are feminine, comfortable to wear and characterized by minimalism and the use of geometrical shapes. Her motto: ‘Less is more’. Besides running

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Jeannette’s green wardrobe


Jeannette Ooink, born in Friesland (in the Northern part of the Netherlands) and living for over 15 years in the midst of nature in the area of Arnhem. In 2009 she set up the sustainable fashion platform  ‘Awearness Fashion’ with

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Sabine’s green wardrobe


I am Sabine Staartjes from Amsterdam. I graduated from the Art Academy in 2012. Since than I’ve been the designer of my own label called ‘ Studio Sabine Staartjes’. I describe myself as an eclectic fashion designer. Contrasts and contradictions

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Donata’s green wardrobe


Donata van Rassel (38) is married to Paul and mother of Valentijn (almost 5). She is a publisher, concept developer and trend watcher and runs her own business AURORA concepts. What makes your wardrobe green? About 80% of my clothes,

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Iva’s green wardrobe


Iva Jankovic (36) is the founder of M!DS artwear (pronounce: Mids artwear). She started the label in 2011 with her friends Maja, Danijela and Siri who she met while studying Fine Arts at the HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht).

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