In 2008 Fenny Faber (1985) founded her own fashion label that runs under her name. FENNY FABER collections are feminine, comfortable to wear and characterized by minimalism and the use of geometrical shapes. Her motto: ‘Less is more’. Besides running the label she also works as a freelance designer.

6-3992What makes your wardrobe green?
My own label is sustainable. I wear my clothes as long as possible (wear them till they tear basically), repair it when needed and if I’m bored with it I try to turn it into something I like again.
If I’m looking for a certain outfit and I can’t find it online or in the stores I just make it myself. For example for Oktoberfest I needed a dirndl dress (see picture left), but everything I saw was so ugly. I decided to make my personalized version of a dirndl. Instead of bavarian lace and ribbon I used folding techniques with a hint to traditional Dutch costumes.
When I do decide to shop at a fashion chain I check where it’s been made. There’s a couple of production countries I won’t by clothing from anymore. I also pay attention to the materials and the way its been sewn together, so I know it’s of good quality and will last me some years.

How did you decide what to pick for the shoot?5-3943
When I started picking my outfits for the shoot I realized how packed my closet was. Of course I picked my nicest outfits for the shoot, but I challenged myself to not wear anything twice (except for shoes). And I did it! The shoot was such a good eye opener to what I actually have and what I actually wear. It was a good reason to start cleaning out my closet. I kind of started it a while ago but it’s really hard for me to get rid of pieces.

Did the photoshoot change the way you look at your wardrobe?
I’m a huge collector and still have clothing from 15 years ago. I counted my ‘ingredients’ after getting rid of a lot of stuff. Tip for people who are just like me and find it hard to throw things away: get one of those plastic vaccuum bags and just put some things in there for a couple of months. If you don’t miss it you know you can get rid of it. I put the the overview of pictures from this shoot on the inside of my closet, it really helps me on those days I think I don’t have anything to wear.

4-3895What does your wardrobe look like?
Big and white, I got it at that big Swedish furniture store.. it’s one that you can put together yourself. It’s relatively new and I’m really happy with it. It’s basically 2,5 closet, 1 for me, 1 for my boyfriend and another half for our linen. On the outside of one of the doors is a mirror the size of the door itself, really nice! I organized everything by color, it helps me keep an overview.

What do you pay attention to when you’re shopping?
If I really need it and if I can combine it easily with different outfits. I also always pay attention to the quality, materials and where’s it been manufactured.9-4216

Is there anything missing in your wardrobe? and if so, what?
A blouse with long sleeves and a jumpsuit. I haven’t found the right one yet so I think I’m going to work on them myself.

What colors do you wear mostly?
I love black and that’s pretty much the color I find in my wardrobe. It’s so easy to combine. I also have a lot of cold colors and hardly have any warm colors. I do have an obsession with dark red tights and I have them in different shades of red. It goes really well with black dresses!

19-4737What do you feel most comfortable in and why?
In a dress. It looks great and it feels comfortable as well. It’s basically my idea of track pants.

What fascinates you about fashion?
That it’s an extension of yourself and you can express yourself with it.


How would you describe your designs?
The collections are playful, feminine, and comfortable to wear. They are characterized by minimalism and the use of geometrical shapes. These shapes are often used to divide the different parts, but also as a shape in itself. For example, I could use a square as the pattern for a certain piece. Less is more!25-5229

What makes your collections green?
The collection is sustainable in multiple ways. I make evolving collections, so I add new pieces at any given time. It’s produced nearby. I don’t have overproduction because I know the demand for my designs. My fabrics are usually sustainable because I buy leftover batches, that way I revive the old fabrics. My designs are timeless and of high quality so you can enjoy it for a very long time.

8-4195Wat do you enjoy most about being a designer?
The design process! Making beautiful designs that make women happy and shine. My favorite kind of compliment is when someone tells me she receives a lot of compliments when she’s wearing my designs.

What inspires you?
My inspiration is the world around me, everything I see around me. It can be architecture, nature, lighting or even some litter on the street. I get this question a lot and find it hard to answer in words. I have an instagram account where I keep a photo diary.

What are your tips for women that want to have a more sustainable wardrobe?
1. Buy less! First of all, look at what you have. If you know that, you can decide if there is something missing. It makes you buy more selectively and less impulsively.
2. Invest in a clothing piece, not in a ‘look’. You want everything to look good separately as well.
3. If sustainable brands and designers are too expensive for you, think about going to a sample sale.
4. Also: recycle and upcycle. Give second hand clothing a new life.