I am Sabine Staartjes from Amsterdam. I graduated from the Art Academy in 2012. Since than I’ve been the designer of my own label called ‘ Studio Sabine Staartjes’. I describe myself as an eclectic fashion designer. Contrasts and contradictions are central to my collections.

16-Sabine_StaartjesWhat makes your wardrobe green?
I never throw anything away and I buy a lot of vintage.

Do you usually wear the clothing that you design?
That is how it started, these days I don’t have as much time to do that. Usually I wear my own samples to test the fabrics and the way it fits.

Where do you buy second hand clothing?
‘Het Kaufhaus, We are vintage, Episode and the ‘noordermarkt’.

Do you have favorite brands/shops/designers where you buy new clothing?

What do you pay attention to when you go shopping?

When I go shopping I want the clothing to really stand out, the color, that appeals to me. Because I’m a designer I can see how things are made. To me the way it’s finished is very important but also what material was used and if it’s not a ‘sweaty fabric’. With vintage it’s important to me that it still looks good and that there’s no spots or holes in it.

Anything missing in your wardrobe?
A pair of sequin leggings and I never have enough crazy little jackets.

Are there things you admire about how other women present themselves?
I really love it if people have their own unique style, they radiate a certain courage and confidence. Apart from the fact that I can love their style, I love what they radiate by totally going for what they love.

Who are your style icons?
Roisin murphy, Amber Rose, Barbie, Janelle Monae.

Where can people buy Sabine Staartjes clothes?
My webshop: www.sabinestaartjes.com
My studio: Piet Mondriaanstraat 140, Amsterdam
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Draagbaar, LENA the fashion library.

And you make everything yourself?
Yes, the entire process, from design to productions takes place in my studio.


How do you come up with the patterns?23-Sabine_Staartjes
I try to use the fabric as economically possible, I don’t want anything to go to waste. Usually that will also turn out to be the basis of the pattern I’ll use.

What kind of fabrics do you work with?
Everything with glitter, color and funny patterns. 

What inspires you?
My own life. Other people go to a psych, I process my experiences in life by making a collection.

22-Sabine_StaartjesDo you ever make a piece that you wanna keep for yourself?
Of course I love all my own designs, but in the end I design for my customer. The clothing I design for my conceptual collections are like my children. I put a lot of time and love into it.

Do you ever bump into people wearing your clothes?
That happened once! Someone biked passed me. That was amazing!

Future plans for your label?
I want to make a lot of collections and make people happy with my clothing. I also want to be involved in a bunch of cool projects and collaborations.

Tips for other women (who want a more green and outspoken wardrobe)?
Follow your heart! Wear something you feel good in and that suits you, don’t wear it just because it’s the trend. You exude what you feel inside, so that’s what it’s all about. Dare to go a little further than you’d normally do. Go for a color if that’s maybe something you never do, but actually really like. There are no boundaries, it’s all up to you.

For this shoot the hair was styled by Draagbaar and make-up by Leonie Schuurman