8-10010TADÁÁÁ! This is me in my 36 different items!

From now on I’ll be telling you all about my colorful wardrobe.

Inspired by Laura from Laura en James I decided to join Project 333 from January 2016. Project 333 is a challenge where you select 33 items out of your total wardrobe and wear only those pieces for 3 months in a row, after 3 months you make a new selection for the next period etc. etc.

It’s also known as a capsule wardrobe and usually divided in the four seasons of the year. It’s a great way to discover what you like to wear. As you can see I picked a little more, I don’t like to make it too strict and these items felt right for spring.

The trick that makes a capsule wardrobe work is that everything can be combined. In my case this works because most pieces are according to my color type. Last year I got a color analysis done and discovered I’m a warm autumn type, so warm autumn colors look best on me according to my skin tone, hair and eye color. I can really recommend everyone to get a color analysis done, it’s so helpful to see what colors look best on you. And if you are curious you can also click the links in this text to read more about it. Enjoy!

In the next post I’ll be showing you the history of my wardrobe.
See you soon 😀